Mr. Leavin was very smart, persuasive, and honest with me. He seemed like a gentleman in his office, and listened to me carefully, but then fought like a tiger for me in Court. That was exciting.

- Ken, custody and financial issues at stake, Manhattan

Paul was my second lawyer. My first one overcharged me crazily. Paul was decent and didn’t ‘churn up’ the case just to increase his fees. The results were beyond what I expected. Thanks.

- Anne, custody about my two sons, Brooklyn

Great job, Mr. Leavin. I got more child support than my friends told me.

- Nora, child support only, Nassau County

The forensic expert way over-valued my business, I thought the Judge would leave me without a penny, and I would have been left with nothing, but Paul Leavin helped me survive and now I am back on my feet.

- Adam, equitable distribution, Queens

I thought a father would be dead in a custody battle, but Mr. Leavin brought witnesses into trial. I have a wonderful relationship with my daughters, thanks to him

- Andrew, custody and visitation, Manhattan

My husband ruled over everything. I was very scared. I thought my life would be over. Now I have financial support and I can take care of my children. Thank God.

- Maxine, financial and custody, Bronx

The first lawyer we met with wanted a $10,000 dollar retainer for a pre-nup, and we didn’t know what to do, but another customer in Bloomingdales heard us talking, and said we should call Paul Leavin. We did, and the pre-nup was done in 3 weeks. Mr. Leavin contacted another lawyer, and we were both represented. The process was clear to us, they explained what was going on, and the result was fair. And it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

- Joan and Sean, pre-nuptial agreement, Manhattan

The other lawyer was jumping up and down and screaming, but the Judge didn’t buy it. Paul knew what he was doing, has lots of experience, and cut through all the crap from the other side. He knew the right law, and he made the Judge see the truth.

- Samantha, spousal maintenance and equitable distribution, Queens

He actually returned my calls and emails the same day; that was so different from the other lawyers I had dealt with.

- Akiva, financial issues, Brooklyn