Need assistance with a custody or support matter?

There are many complex factors that determine custody and support...

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What makes us different

We Put You First

Mr. Leavin will handle your case personally and aggressively; you will not be handed off to some inexperienced Associate or Paralegal as happens frequently in large firms. Mr. Leavin’s litigation style is intense, thorough, and creative, focused on winning the best result possible for you. He doesn’t waste time, energy and legal fees on the bulldog bluster that turns off all the matrimonial Judges and Family Court Referees.

We work hard for you:

  • To reduce your stress
  • To solve your family problem
  • To get you back to your life

How does it all work?

  • Consultation

    I will learn the unique facts of your situation, and use the law to fight like a tiger for your cause.

  • Strategy

    Once we understand you and your unique situation we work with our team to put together the best legal strategy to get what you want.

  • Litigation

    If we can't settle the case out of court we go to battle for you. Our whole focus is getting what you need to allow you to move on.

What our clients say?